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Irrigation Installations

At JSS we’ll leave your property exactly as we found it, except now you’ll have a perfectly functioning irrigation system.

Maintenance Packages

For season-long maintenance on your irrigation system, sign up for one of our packages.

Silver Package

Includes the essential services for a healthy irrigation system.
from $160/yr

About JSS Irrigation

JSS Irrigation always aims to design the most efficient and practical irrigation systems, allowing you to relax and enjoy your lush landscape. An inground sprinkler system is an investment to your property, letting you add quality time to your busy schedule.

Landscape Lighting

In addition to irrigation management, JSS offers landscape lighting design and installation services. To either enhance an existing lighting setup, or develop a whole new system, JSS will shine a new light on your home.

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For all irrigation installations, an expert will come assess your current plant material and soil type to determine the best sprinkler system design.