Burlington Sprinkler Systems

Friendly, Affordable Irrigation Systems in Burlington

We offer affordable design and installation of sprinkler systems in Burlington, Ontario. JSS Irrigation Management specializes in irrigation systems for all types of residential and commercial properties.

Our irrigation and sprinkler system services in Burlington and the surrounding regions include complete design and installation, maintenance and repair and upgrades of in-ground watering systems.

JSS Irrigation Management can help manage your entire irrigation system from the time the gardening season begins to when it ends. As part of our “Spring Opener” we offer a thorough check of all the system components such as the panels, valves, hydraulics and sprinklers. This step helps make sure nothing can go wrong once the sprinklers start functioning again.

While the Spring Opener may be enough to get your system started; our Mid-Season Review looks at various other elements of proper irrigation. We make sure that your sprinkler system is watering at maximum capacity and that your plants are receiving the most coverage when being watered.

As the summer and fall season come to an end, your sprinkler system needs to be winterized to prevent any leaks or damages in the cold weather. We use our high pressure air compressor to make sure no water is left behind in the system, while shutting down the main valve and irrigation controller.

We have been providing quality sprinkler systems in Burlington for several years, garnering many satisfied residential and commercial clients. Our consistent personal service, quality workmanship and dedicated support have led us to become one of the go-to professionals in irrigation systems in Burlington today.

Call us today – 905-777-7948 – for a free estimate on our affordable sprinkler systems in Burlington.

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