Dundas Sprinkler Systems

Professional, Affordable Irrigation Systems in Dundas

In Dundas, sprinkler systems and irrigation services offered by JSS Irrigation Management are both efficient and affordable. We only use the highest-grade sprinkler systems and components, offering maximum watering capacity and plant coverage.

Our expert staff have years of experience in working with different types of plants and soil types, which allows them to choose the right types of sprinkler heads and irrigation controls for your garden.

With the water pressure, flow rate and garden’s requirement in mind – we’re able to properly design and install the right set of components for your sprinkler system. Upon installation, we also offer hassle-free maintenance for your entire watering system.

Our irrigation maintenance services include, starting your system up in the spring, summer maintenance, repair services as well as closing off the system in time for winter. With proper maintenance throughout the use of your irrigation system, you’ll be able to prolong its life.

We employ qualified and trained professionals offer courteous, personal and honest service. If you have questions or concerns during the installation process, always feel free to ask them for help. We are an environmentally conscious company and we strive to do little to no harm to your lawn and garden.

Once the installation or maintenance work has been completed, we will finish off with a pristine clean up, ensuring your yard is left just the way it was when we arrived.

For all your irrigation and sprinkler system installations or maintenance, please call us today at 905-777-7948.

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