Irrigation System Spring Openings

Irrigation System Spring Openings

The goal of the spring opening is to set up your irrigation system for the upcoming season. Your vegetation has been eagerly waiting to sprout up after hiding away through our Canadian winter. There are several steps that we always follow to ensure that your system is at its best.

At JSS Irrigation, we have over 30 years of combined experience in providing efficient, water-saving irrigation systems for both residential and commercial projects.

Opening up your irrigation system in the spring requires a certain technical expertise to do correctly. If your system is not opened properly, it may not function at full efficiency.

A Fully Functional Irrigation System Saves You Time and Money

You can save yourself the time and avoid damaging your sprinklers by getting expert help with our Spring Opening services.

One of our irrigation technicians will connect with you in order to fully understand your system and requirements. We will then schedule your system inspection and ensure that water is safely reintroduced into your system.

  1. We start by turning on the main irrigation valve. This allows water to re-enter your system after it was blown out for the winter.
  2. A pressure test is performed to ensure that the main line and blow-out valve(s) are free of leaks.
  3. All electronic valves are inspected to ensure they are in working order.
  4. We make sure that all components of your system are operating as they should. Some of these components include sprinkler heads, micro systems, and drip lines.
  5. We make note of any issues that arise during our inspection and always clear them with you before making any repairs. (Unless the repair costs fall within the operating budget in the annual contract).
  6. Lastly, we take a final walkthrough with you to make sure you are satisfied with how your system is running. We may make some suggestions on possible upgrades to your system and provide you with an appropriate electronic estimate.

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