Irrigation System Summer Review

Irrigation System Summer Review in Hamilton & Surrounding Areas

The goal of the summer review is to ensure that your irrigation system is running at its best. This is similar to going to your local physician for an annual check-up.

Some important factors we consider during the review include:

  1.  Leaks or low pressure areas – these may be due to any damages in your system
  2. Sprinkler adjustments – some sprinkler heads may need to be readjusted due to external reasons such as bad weather conditions or construction in the area
  3. Plant growth – some sprinkler heads may need to be adjusted or moved to compensate for any vegetation that was not present earlier in the season
  4. Dry areas – there may be some visible dry areas in your lawn or gardens due to extreme heat
  5. We make note of any issues that arise during our inspection and always clear them with you before making any repairs. (Unless the repair costs fall within the operating budget in the annual contract)
  6. We continue with any necessary adjustments and/or repairs to get the sprinklers operating in the most water efficient way.
  7. Finally, any necessary adjustments are made on the watering schedule.

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