Irrigation System Fall Closing / Winterization

Irrigation System Fall Closings / Winterization in Hamilton, Burlington and Nearby Areas

The goal of the fall closing is to make sure your irrigation system is ready for the winter season. Blowing out your system is a highly recommended service because any water left in your system will expand during the winter and cause damages.

  1. We begin by turning off the main irrigation valve. This prevents anything from re-entering your house water lines.
  2. Using an air compressor, we push all the residual water out of your system through the irrigation components.
  3. We ensure all valves are in their proper positions (i.e. open, at a 45 degree angle, etc.)
  4. Lastly, the irrigation controller is properly shut down.

Having your irrigation system be properly winterized is critical. Water expands as it turns to ice and as a result, it must be removed from from the irrigation system to prevent damage.  We will begin your system winterization or “blow-out” of your system during the Fall – ideally prior to the first freeze.

Having a properly winterized system will ensure that you face no costly repairs down the road, as this routine yearly maintenance will keep your system in tip-top shape.

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