Irrigation System Repairs

Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance

At JSS Irrigation, we have over 30 years of combined experience in providing efficient, water-saving irrigation systems for both residential and commercial projects. We take pride in the customer relationships we have built and our longevity in the industry is testament to our commitment to our customers.

There are a number of reasons why the owner of an automated sprinkler system might need to have repairs done on their system. In this instance, landscaping projects can hinder your lawn sprinkler system.

Also, if you have any of your property excavated or dug out, this can lead to problems within the system as well. Lastly, if you do not properly open your system in the spring – or properly close it in the fall – it can result in damage.

Our experienced team is ready to help fix, improve and repair your irrigation system. Whether the issue is a leaking valve, adding additional zones, fixing broken timers, or anything in between, our team is here to help.

An irrigation system is a long-term investment and keeping it in proper running order is very important. Contact JSS Irrigation today at 905-777-7948 or email us at to schedule your system repair.