Stunning Landscape Lighting Solutions

In conjunction with irrigation management, we also offer landscape lighting design and installation services. We can either enhance an existing setup to complement new landscape updates, or design and develop a brand new lighting system to shine a new light on your home.

Accentuate Your Property

Bring out the beauty of your home, gardens, walkways, and sitting areas when the sun goes down.

Maximize Your Living Areas

Extend time spent outdoors. Children’s play areas, patios, and pools are now places for evening relaxation.

Light in the Dark

Illuminate dark areas and shadows, it is proven that this deters potential intruders from moving around or entering your property.

Improve Outdoor Safety

Create safe zones to guide guests away from hazardous areas, pointy vegetation, or debris on the ground.


As our landscape lighting provider, Kichler is committed to constantly innovating designs and delivering premium products. We trust Kichler to provide high-quality products with their rigorous testing and high safety standards.

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