Sprinkler System Maintenance Packages

What’s Included / How Do Maintenance Packages Work?

Irrigation System Installation

  • We begin by an inspection to test the soil type, determine the types of plants, and to get an overall view of the landscape. (i.e. slopes to the property, sun exposure etc…)
  • A sketch is drawn of the property.
  • Then we start designing the layout for the irrigation system.
  • A trenching machine is used on most properties to install the piping and wire.
  • Once the project has been completed. We will do a complete system review with the client.

Spring Opening

  • We start by turning on the main irrigation valve.
  • A pressure test is preformed to ensure that the main line and blow-out valve are free of leaks.
  • Electronic valves will be inspected to ensure they are in working order.
  • We will make sure that the sprinkler heads are all operating as they should.
  • We will make notes of any repairs and clear them with you before. proceeding.(Unless it falls in the operating budget for repairs in the annual contract)
  • Lastly, we will make notes of any upgrades or repairs to the system. You would then be provided with an electronic estimate.

Summer Review

  • We start by checking the system for leaks and low pressure areas.
  • An entire review of the site will be conducted noting any issues that may arise from plant growth, dry areas due to extreme heat etc…
  • We will make our suggestions to get the sprinklers operating in the most water efficient way.
  • Finally, any necessary adjustments will be made on the watering schedule.

Fall Closing

  • We start by making sure that the main valve has been properly shut off.
  • Using an air compressor, we push all the residual water out through the irrigation components.
  • We ensure that all valves are in their proper positions ( i.e. 45 degree, open etc…)
  • Lastly, the irrigation controller will be properly shut down.

The pricing above does not include any service calls or repairs. Pricing is subject to change.