Irrigation Installation

Every property is unique, which is why JSS ensures to create the right system to suit your specific needs.

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Saving Every Last Drop

Not only will an irrigation system save you precious time and hassle, the water efficiency will also benefit your pocket in the long run. An irrigation system can save you over 30% on your water usage.

Installation Process

  1. With all sprinkler system installations, we begin by drafting a blueprint of your property, sketching the landscape, and outlining walkways, shrubs, gardens, and plants.
  2. From there, we use our data to determine the water source and flow, as well as determining the type of system required based on the landscape and plant needs.
  3. Our experts will then place specific sprinkler heads and drip irrigation so that all your plants and green spaces get watered evenly and efficiently. All JSS Irrigation installations are designed with the customer in mind, meaning we will install external shutoff valves to ensure servicing is a breeze.

Pricing from $3200

Installation pricing starts at $3200 for a residential property, for more information request a quote below.

Irrigation System Repairs

Whether the issue is a leaking valve, adding additional zones, fixing broken timers, or anything in between, our experienced irrigation team is here to help. An irrigation system is a long-term investment and keeping it in proper running order is very important.

You can now Get AIR MILES Reward Miles on installation and maintenance services from JSS Irrigation.

Terms and conditions apply

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For all irrigation installations, an expert will come assess your current plant material and soil type to determine the best sprinkler system design.

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